Friday 22 November in Heerlen and Maastricht

Join a Special Research-based Tea Workshop and hear about Health from Chinese Traditional Medicine Perspective 

In China, tea is not only a beverage but also a concept of a healthy lifestyle. Our Tea Master, Mrs. Zhou Jihong, Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Tea Research Institute at Zhejiang University,  will offer a unique tea workshop to tell you about tea from a different research-based perspective. How to select your own tea? When and where to drink tea? How to drink tea? How to embrace tea into your work-life balance?

TCM or T&CM is often seen as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Language is an exciting representation of our thinking. According to the WHO definition, TCM has two parts, including traditional medicine (TM ) and complementary medicine (CM). The development of the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014 – 2023 has called members states to include T&CM into their medical system to help people from various possible approach. In China, TCM is mainly used to treat chronic diseases and support people from holistic perspective.

In case you also have questions about Chinese traditional medicine, we also invited TCM Professor Li Chun Ri and TCM practitioner Dr. Guo Zhenzhen from Tong Ren Tang Dutch Branch at Den Hague to give an informative lecture on their work at Tong Ren Tang.  Ms. Guo is specialized Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.

You can meet our guest speakers in Heerlen and Maastricht.

Zuyd HEERLEN:                       10:00 – 11:30 Nieuw Eyckholt , room A.1.110 and A.1.124

Zuyd MAASTRICHT                 15:30 – 17:30  Brusselseweg 150, room BR.B26 and BR.B25


  • How to understand TCM? by Li Chunri, Professor of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese Tea Culture and Health Benefits of Tea by Zhou Jihong, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Tea Research Institute, Zhejiang University
  • A Holistic View of Health from a Chinese Medicine Perspective by Ms Guo Zhenzhen, Doctor of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Dutch branch.
    Specialized at applying traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion to treat depression, insomnia, burn out, eczema, digestive and respiratory diseases, eye diseases, gynecological diseases, and common pediatric diseases.


More to know about Beijing Tong Ren Tang

Established in 1669 (Eighth year on the throne of Emperor Kangxi, Qing Dynasty), Beijing Tong Ren Tang was renowned in the Chinese medicine industry nationally. Inheriting the Tong Ren Tang’s corporate motto of “Complexity and quality is not to be forfeited by costs” over 350 years, Beijing Tong Ren Tang is self-disciplined to offer products and services with quality. Its products are famous and hereditary with their unique formulas, superior raw materials, superb technical skills and distinguished efficacy.

On August 27, 2015, Beijing Tong Ren Tang officially opened the first location in the Netherlands in Den Hague. At this moment it is the only official licensed Beijing Tong Ren Tang store in the Netherlands. All medical staffs are experienced specialists and therapists.

Registration form TCM lecture and Tea workshop 22 Nov 2019

Registration form TCM lecture and Tea workshop 22 Nov 2019



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