Introduction to HSK Courses and Exam 

What is HSK?

HSK, China’s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, is an international Chinese proficiency test that is established to test the Chinese proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers. HSK is firstly introduced by Hanban, headquarters of all Confucius Institutes in 1990. The HSK can be coupled with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Therefore it’s easy to define on which level you are. The current HSK system has six levels for the paper tests and three levels for the oral tests.

HSK level




HSK 6 5000 + C2 advanced
HSK 5 2500 C1
HSK 4 1200 B2 intermediate
HSK 3 600 B1
HSK 2 300 A2 beginners
HSK 1 150 A1

For more information about HSK please check out the website of Hanban. (

Why HSK?
An international recognized HSK exam will help you to expand your academic and professional career opportunities. You can also use it  to evaluate your Chinese level. Nowadays, HSK has become a passport for studying in China, an essential requirement for applying for a scholarship to study in China, and an important means of assessing teaching in schools. It has been used by government departments and multinational corporations in more and more countries as an important reference of employee recruitment, salary increase and promotion.

Our HSK Courses (starting week 37, 2019)

Time Monday Tuesday    Wednesday Thursday Friday     Saturday
10:30-12:30 HSK 1
14:50-16:50 HSK 2 HSK 3 (A) HSK 4 (A) HSK 5 (A)
16:50-18:50 HSK 3 (A) HSK 4 (B)

Course duration
15 classes, 2 hours each (no class during school holidays)

Tuition (books included)
Regular administration €295 (including BTW)
Students €250

Schedule of courses
Contact us to find your customized schedule for Courses in Maastricht & Sittard-Geleen and also our Online Courses. 

When is HSK exam?

Our test schedule is:




Registration deadline

Test Location

HSK 1-6 Paper-based 13 October 2019 16 September 2019 Maastricht
HSK 1-6 Paper-based 1 December 2019 4 November 2019 Maastricht

For HSK exams, you can register online on



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