Welcome to our YCT course for children!

YCT is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. It assesses young students’ abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic environment.

YCT aims to improve Chinese language learners’ self-confidence and follows the principle of “test-teaching correlation”. It bases the design of the test on current trends in international Chinese language training and is closely related to textbook learning procedures.

Read more about the YCT learning route in our flowchart below.


15 lessons of 3 hours per semester. Including 2 cultural activities, 1x a mock exam per semester.

Test Format

YCT consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other. The writing test is divided into four levels, namely, the YCT (level I), YCT (level II), YCT (level III), and YCT (level IV). The speaking test is divided into the YCT (Beginner Level) and YCT (Intermediate Level).

YCT Level 1 can understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and possess the ability to further their Chinese language studies.
YCT Level 2 can understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with basic level communications
YCT Level 3 can communicate on familiar daily topics in a simple manner
YCT Level 4 can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic and professional lives. When travelling in China, they can manage most forms of communication in Chinese

Why YCT at CIM?

Originally, YCT is intended for students whose mother tongue is not Chinese. CIM has developed YCT courses to make it match the requirements and the level of its students from all backgrounds. Why to take YCT:

  • A method for Chinese language learners to assess and improve their proficiency in Chinese
  • A systematic learning and training progress for language education
  • A method to evaluate training results
  • An official international language proficiency standard for the youth
  • A benchmark for students who want to participate in the HSK test
  • An official international language proficiency test certificate for Summer Camp in China or future scholarship and education programmes

€250 per semester

Classes start from September 17th 2022

Every saturday from 10.30 to 13.30

Studymaterials included

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