The Immersion Camp afterstory

The 22nd Chinese Bridge Speech Contest – Netherlands Final Immersion Camp has taken place at Kasteelhoeve Wange this weekend. We were surrounded by nature’s beauty and tranquillity.we can’t wait to relive these unforgettable memories with you. This year’s Chinese Bridge Speech Contest surpassed all expectations with a unique twist that immersed our participants in the Chinese language and culture through a three incredible days immersion camp. We organized language workshops and various cultural activities, including Taiji, games, Chinese cooking, and paintingSix outstanding students from the University of Groningen and Zuyd Hogeschool | Zuyd University of Applied Sciences participated in this immersive experience, and witnessing their growth in both Chinese language proficiency and cultural awareness was truly remarkable. The immersion camp not only provided fun and excitement but also proved to be highly educational, enabling participants to learn an astonishing amount in a short time.

We would like to congratulate our participants and our winners. Mirthe Fischer from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences won first place, Rosalie Louwes who only learnt Chinese for one and half a year, won the second place, and Manon Weedage won third place. Ezabados Eszter and Jona Prins had caught the hearts of the audiences with their outstanding talents in Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. Rosalie had won the most eloquent award.

Ultimately, the shared laughter, friendship, and cultural exploration truly made the Chinese Bridge Speech Contest an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. We extend our best wishes to these talented young women in their ongoing Chinese language journey, hoping to inspire others to embark on a similar path.

We will delve into the story and experience of our first-place winner, Mirthe, during the Chinese immersion camp. Stay tuned as we also share the experiences and stories of our other remarkable participants.