The Dumpling Workshop: A Successful “Hybrid” 🥟

In order to celebrate the Chinese New year, Confucius Institute Maastricht, organized a traditional Chinese dumpling workshop for dumpling lovers to join! Despite a typical Dutch rainy Sunday, on  February 6th, all the participants came to the nicely set-up cooking location to follow the cook-along live with Tia or joined us Online via Teams!

With participants slowly entering the Teams Meeting online, fully prepared and being to go, the workshop started on time at 3:00 p.m. Tia, the Chinese instructor of Confucius Institute Maastricht, first spent some time on talking about the traditions of celebrating Chinese New Year and gave a cultural explanation about Chinese people staying overnight on the last day of the year to survive the monster of “Nian” (过年).

After the presentation, the fun part could finally start! Dumpling making in process — starting by making the fillings for the dumplings and preparing the dough and learning how to use the rolling pin to make the wrap. Finally, everyone both online and on location learned how to fold and pinch the wrap to make beautiful and lovely dumplings. And while participants took their turn to boil the dumplings, they also practiced the art of Chinese calligraphy and writing the Chinese character “福” (Good Fortune) with a brush and ink.

To wrap up this energizing and fun workshop, all of the participants, both on location and online, in the end enjoyed the fresh dumplings made by themselves. Great work!

The (delicious) end. 🥟

The  studio set up in the restaurant

Our team and volunteers: A big thank you to everyone

Feedback and Comments from the online participants

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