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chinese tea ceremony at the international butler academy

Last Sunday, November 19th, we had the amazing opportunity to hold a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony at The International Butler Academy in Simpelveld. The Tea Ceremony was held in one of the many beautiful rooms: The Chinese Tea Room. The room was filled with a variety of Chinese tea sets, decorations and porcelain. It was the perfect room to have an exclusive and very personal Tea Ceremony with our visitors.

The Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony was held by Confucius Institute Maastricht with Xinxin Wang as the host. She is an avid tea lover and her goal was to share her passion and love for tea with everyone. The number of visitors was 7 per round, as we wanted to keep it personal and give everyone the opportunity to join the conversation.

During the Tea Ceremony, guests were able to taste different teas and with the guide of our host, experience the taste, the smell and the feeling after drinking it. In China, tea is more than just a beverage you drink whenever you want. It is considered meditation, medicinal and almost the same as wine. Like wine, you observe it, smell it and taste its different layered notes.

Other than tasting, Xinxin kept it interactive by asking personal questions like: What is your favourite tea and what do you actually know about tea? Not only that, they also learned the Chinese character of Tea and the short history behind it.

Our guests enjoyed the tea ceremony very much and learned so many new things about tea. Many left the ceremony with a lighter feeling and were excited to apply their new knowledge to what tea is better for them according to the seasons, how do you actually drink the tea and how can we enjoy the tea to the fullest?

We can conclude the Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony as very successful and are excited to organise more in the future. Are you interested in following a Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in an exclusive location or other Chinese cultural activities and workshops? Please sign up for our newsletter and don’t miss a single announcement!

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