Summer Activity – Tai Chi together with your friends and family

Tai chi is a common name for the traditional Chinese martial art form: TàiJí Quán(太极拳). To break down its meaning, Taiji refers to the source, and Quan refers to the fist. It is a balanced and slow-moving art that offers numerous health benefits and opportunities for meditation. Tai chi combines the value of Yin and Yang with cosmological beliefs from Taoism and Confucianism.

Tai chi lets your body relax, both physically and mentally. Its slow movements mean it is easy to learn and accessible for students of all ages and abilities. Though it originated in China, today Tai chi is practiced and celebrated among people worldwide.

Learning Tai chi has three main aspects. The first pairs the mind with the movement and focuses on concentration and relaxation of the body, mind, and nervous system. Along with this, the organs and muscles are able to relax. Finally, the entire body system is able to enter a calm state and gain energy from the practice.

To share this art and all of its benefits with you, CIM will be hosting a two-part workshop with Wushu Instituut Hoyer. You can find out more about his teaching at

Session 1: Online learning – Philosophy and Basics of Tai Chi; 10:00 – 11:00  on July 21.

Session 2: Practice in nature – Experience Tai Chi moves; 13:30 – 15:30 on July 22, Koningsplein park Maastricht 6224JK.


Regular: 30 euros

CIM students: 15 euros

The registration deadline is July 19th.

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