Qǐngwèn VS Qīnwěn

Last Saturday we hosted our third language and culture café, a workshop designed for anyone interested in Chinese culture.

We had a lovely crowd actively participating during the workshop, and questions from our audience steered fun discussions!

The workshop was given by Fu Yan, one of the HSK teachers at our institute. With her fun and outgoing personality on board, she took the audience through the Chinese language and culture using many personal stories as a guide.

During the workshop, Fu Yan discussed the meaning and the origin of Chinese characters from a cultural perspective. For example, she discussed the origin of Chinese characters from the oracle (甲骨文-Jiǎgǔwén). She also explained how different tones in Chinese could lead to completely different meanings and how this can lead to confusing situations e.g. Qǐngwèn VS Qīnwěn.

We would like to thank all of our audience for joining us. Having hosted three language and culture cafés, we are continually improving to make our workshops even more interesting and engaging!

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We would love to see you in our next workshop!

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