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HSK standard course 2

你好! Welcome to HSK standard course level 2.

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What can you expect from HSK 2 (hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì èr)?

  • You will continue to build on the basic knowledge of the Chinese language and work on expanding your vocabulary and grammar. Pinyin phonetics and writing Chinese characters will also be discussed during HSK 2.
  • Start having simple conversations about everyday topics
  • Practice with fellow students in an interactive learning environment
  • Get personal feedback from our experienced teachers
  • Prepare for the HSK 2 exam

Study duration

20 lessons of 2 hours. In addition, self-study of 60 hours is recommended. This course is intended for students who have completed HSK 1 or who already have a basic knowledge of the Chinese language. The course covers all aspects of the Chinese language, such as listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Hybrid lesson form

You can also take this course online*. Hybrid education is a form of education in which ‘online’ and ‘in-class’ students sit together and thus simultaneously follow education in an educational environment. The hybrid course is therefore an online course that can also be followed from home. Especially suitable for when you live further away or cannot be physically present at class every week.

*If you wish to follow the course online, choose ‘Online’ at your participation location.

In addition, the students will have access to our online learning platform where the teacher will provide both the teaching material and additional study materials.

Instruction language

This course is taught by one of our experienced teachers. Depending on the composition of the group, the course is given in Chinese/Dutch or Chinese/English.

Study material

The textbooks for the HSK 2 course are included in the course price.

Important information

For each course we use a minimum number of 5 and a maximum number of 15 students. If a course cannot start, we will inform you in good time and you will receive a refund of the course fee.

HSK exam

When you have completed the book HSK 2 after 1 study semester, you can register for the HSK 2 exam. For more information about HSK exams, click here.

Week of 26 February 2024