New courses available!

This semester is almost over. Luckily Confucius Institute Maastricht will be back after the summer holiday with new (HSK) courses. Besides our regular HSK courses, we will also have some new courses to introduce to you! Meet HSK Plus, Calligraphy and Get to know Chinese.

HSK Plus is specially designed to focus on 口语 交流 (conversational Chinese). During this course, listening, speaking, reading and writing will be covered, but the main focus lies on speaking. The lessons will include topics that can be applied in a daily context. You can start this course after you have finished HSK 3 and it is perfect if you are not ready yet to start HSK 4 and would like to focus more on improving your speaking skills. Master the tones, learn new words and learn to speak Chinese as if it is your mother tongue!

Have you never studied Chinese before? Then our new course, Get to know Chinese is a good start! This is a course for beginners which will take you on a journey and introduce you to the language, Chinese pronunciation, Chinese characters and we will take you on a trip through the ancient Chinese history.  During the course, different topics will be discussed and you will learn Chinese words and expressions that you can use in daily life. It is a course designed for you to have the essential basic language and culture knowledge. After this course, you will have a solid basis and are ready to continue studying and start HSK 1!

Besides HSK Plus and Get to know Chinese we also offer a new Calligraphy course. During this workshop, you will be introduced to learning and appreciation Chinese calligraphy, stroke practice, traditional and simplified Chinese characters, ancient Chinese etiquette, and ancient poems. The courses will take up one hour, once a week for 8 sessions.

Keep an eye on our social media and website to see when you can register for these new courses. We can’t wait to join you on your Chinese learning journey!

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New Course Schedule is Now Online!

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