Movie recommendations December

December weather is getting colder, and the holidays are around the corner! This might be the perfect time to stay home, relax and watch a Chinese movie or documentary. We selected 2 movies and 2 documentaries for you to watch and to practice your Chinese language skills!  


一代宗师 – Yīdài zōngshī 

The Grandmaster is a film directed and written by a famous Chinese director Wong Kar-wai. Its name, 一代宗师, means “the grandmaster of a generation”. The plot is based on the life story of the martial artist Yip Man. Besides traditional male martial artists, a female character named Gong Er is featured as a great martial artist of that generation in this movie as well. This movie has received nominations and won recognitions at prestigious ceremonies including the 86th  Oscars.  


饮食男女 – Yǐnshí nánnǚ 

The director of the movie Life of Pi, Ang Lee, directed a comedy-drama film named Eat Drink Man Woman. This movie was released in 1994. Its title, 饮食男女, is literally translated as “Drink, eat, man, woman”. This four-character phrase refers to the basic human desires originating from the Confucian Book of Rites. The plot revolves the Zhu family and their issues of love and tradition. The father, who was one of the best local chefs, raised three daughters by himself and encountered many struggles and arguments while the girls explored their life choices. The movie was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 67th Oscars. 


舌尖上的中国 – Shéjiān shàng de zhōngguó 

What is your favourite Chinese dish? Kung Pao Chicken, maybe?  There are so many Chinese dishes you cannot find here in the Netherlands. A Bite of China is a food documentary about Chinese cuisine. Its Chinese name, 舌尖上的中国, means “China on the tongue tip”. This documentary introduces the history behind Chinese cuisine and many  food recipes containing a wide selection of ingredients. You will learn that Chinese dishes have many different varieties, and together they compose a deeply  fascinating  Chinese food culture.  Yummy!


人生一串 – Rénshēng yī chuàn 

If you like barbecue, then you probably would enjoy watching this food documentary, 人生一串. The first two characters, 人生, means “life”. The third character, , means “one”. The very last character, , means “string of things”, representing here the common barbecue format of putting ingredients on skewers. This documentary is about Chinese barbecue and its culture. Chinese barbecue is so much more than putting food with salt over fire. The complexity of techniques and the number of  flavours may surprise you. You may also be amazed by how vegetables are cooked in different ways in Chinese barbecue.  


So, get some popcorn, sit back, relax & watch one of our recommended films or documentaries.

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