Insights into online education

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, many educational institutions are entering what is now their fifth week of online instruction.

April 7th, together with Confucius Institute Groningen, we organized an online seminar of online Chinese education.  Professor Yu Miao, the deputy dean at Beijing International Studies University dialled in and gave a lecture entitled “Online Chinese Language & Culture Teaching.” A group of 40 Chinese teachers from different schools in the Netherlands joined us to discuss how teaching the Chinese language can be best adapted for an online setting.

We would like to share a few takeaways from Professor YU’s sharing.

  • Student-centred learning is the key to online Chinese education.
  • “Online“ is not a challenge. Teachers should not feel the pressure and be pressed to make standard online teaching classes. Online platforms are tools but not the objectives.
  • Confidence, enthusiasm, professional skills, and learning intention from both the teachers and students are crucial for successful online learning.
  • Learning characters is a must to learn the language and culture.

“师者,传道授业解惑者也” by Hanyu 《Discours on Teacher》 – A teacher, who shows the Dao (the way of learning), imparts professional knowledge and resolves doubt.

When we teach, it is important to stimulate students’ motivation in learning,  strengthen the study focus of morphemes and guide students to discover the beauty of the language. In doing so, students can make efficient progress from elementary to advanced level, working to build the confidence necessary to communicate in Chinese in different situations.

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