HSK Plus

The HSK Plus course is a semi-tailor-made course. The course will help you to maintain your current level of Chinese while helping you work toward your long-term language goals.

The HSK Plus course covers listening, reading, speaking and writing with an emphasis on conversational mandarin that can be used on a daily basis. Along the way, we will organize special cultural experience sessions: a Chinese knowledge quiz, a Chinese cooking class for Spring festival, and celebrating other festivals and their traditions together.

This course consists of 2 semesters of study.


To participate in this course, you should have studied Mandarin for at least 300 hours or have taken an HSK 3 class. You are comfortable with at least 600 Chinese characters, as well as have a reading and spoken vocabulary of 600 characters.

Course goals and outcomes:

This course will help you:

  • Keep your existing Chinese language as lively as before
  • Broaden your vocabulary and learn to interact with native speakers
  • Expand your knowledge of Chinese culture in a hands-on way


《体验汉语》- 文化篇

 Experiencing Chinese – Experiencing culture in china

Starting from September 2021 we will offer this course a a hybrid course. Hybrid education is a form of education where students have the option to join courses ‘online‘ or ‘in-classroom,‘   and teachers instruct both groups simultaenously*.

*During the registration you can select your course format. This format will be for the entire duration of the course.

295,- per course

15 x 2 hours per course

Week 38

Thursday 14:30-16:30

New Course Schedule is Now Online!

Register now, courses start in the first week of March. 

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