HSK standard course 5

The HSK 5 Course (Intermediate-advanced Mandarin Chinese Course) consists of 2 semesters of study, HSK5 上 and HSK5 下. HSK5 上 covers the first semester and HSK5 下the second semester. This course runs for a total of 15 weeks, with 30 total hours of class.

The main focus of this course is to help you become a fluent Chinese speaker, rather than just preparing you for the HSK 5 test. Your HSK 5 teacher will guide you through everything covered in the textbook, focusing on grammar, speaking, and building advanced vocabulary.

Alongside the textbook lessons, you will have the chance to practice for the exam using HSK sample questions. As an advanced level course, Level 5 also adds training in writing.

395,- per course

15 x 2 hours per course

New course will start in week 39 (27th of September) 2021

5A: Tuesday 16:50-18:50

Including study materials

New Course Schedule is Now Online!

Register now, courses start in the first week of March. 

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