HSK standard course 4

Course for standard Chinese HSK level 4 (hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì).
HSK 4 consists of course A and course B.

In this course for HSK standard level 4 you will learn 600 news words, a detailed explanation of 100 linguistic phenomenon and 20 of the most common mistakes. After finishing this book, you will be able to pass the exam for HSK 4 and achieve the corresponding language proficiency level.

After this course, you will be able to have conversations about various topics and you can communicate with native Mandarin Chinese speakers. The course for HSK 4 consists of two courses: A and B.

295,- per course

15 x 2 hours per course

New course will start in week 6 (February 2020)

Course schedule: Thursday 14:30h - 16:30h (HSK 4B)

Including study materials

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