HSK standard course 3

Course for standard Chinese HSK level 3  (hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì).
HSK 3 consists of course A and course B.

In this course for HSK standard level 3 you will learn 600 words and grammar rules which are mandatory for HSK 3 exam. After finishing this book, you will be able to pass the exam for HSK 3 and achieve the corresponding language proficiency level.

295,- per course

15 x 2 hours per course

New course starting from February 19 2022 onwards


Including study material

22 March 2021

"If you are interested in China, study Chinese!" I started studying Chinese because of my interest in languages & cultures. I wanted to study a language that did not use the Latin script. Seeing that I liked the Chinese culture and the fact that it is a world language, I quickly decided that Chinese would be the language for me!

If you have an interest in the Chinese culture, I would highly recommend studying the language!

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