Latest Past Events

Chinese New Year celebration

Amazing Oriental Maastricht Laag Gubbelstraat 38, Maastricht

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we are organizing various traditional cultural activities on January 29, together with Amazing Oriental Maastricht, in which everyone can participate! Come and watch a real lion dance, practice Chinese calligraphy, take part in a mini New Year's painting workshop and don't forget to play shuttlecock! The celebration starts on...


Let’s go hiking

Let’s go hiking! November is all about health. Vitality and well-being are important. In Chinese culture staying healthy, happy, and having an active lifestyle play an important role in daily life. We, therefore, invite you to join our November Health Month program and join us for a walk in nature! A perfect way to enjoy...

Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节 2022

Come celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us! We are very excited to celebrate the festival on the 7th of September from 16:30-18:30. Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese families join to eat mooncakes under the enchanting moonlight. We want to continue the tradition and surround ourselves with laughter and joy. Taste mooncakes, create your own...