East and West meet at Zuyd

Workshop with Chinese Artists of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jiangsu Province

On January 30th, an exciting and inspiring exhibition and workshop was held at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD).

After a warm welcome by the Director of MAFAD to all attendees, the four artists from the Chinese Cultural Center at Den Hague explained briefly about the history of the art of the handicrafts respectively, and showed unique skills in making traditional Chinese handicrafts to all the participants in the workshop and encouraged everyone to get involved in the DIY session.

These four arts are: Cloth-pasting Pictures (by Qi Jing), Huishan Clay Figure (by Xia Zheng), Peking Opera Facial Painting (by Yan Lei) and Sola Artificial Flower (by Ms. Wang Yunyu).


About 35 participants of different age groups, from 8 to more than 60, were taking part in this event. They selected the art form in their own taste, and had great time discussing, making, and learning from the artists.

Three hours passed so quickly that almost no participant noticed the time.  Everyone got their own artistic, interesting and meaningful product, which may last a very long time in their life, give them a deep impression of unique Chinese traditional arts and plant the seed of friendship between Chinese people and international friends.

Confucius Institute Maastricht was able to organize this workshop with support of Municipality of Maastricht and Provincie Limburg.

A great way to start the Spring festival Celebrations!