Studying in China is a very exciting experience. The Confucius Institute Maastricht wants to help you prepare for this exciting prospect with our brand new course Cultural Insights: Studying in China.

Halfway across the world, so many opportunities lay ahead. With that date coming closer with each passing day, you might be wondering what kind of world you will find yourself in. How to go about things like everyday life in the big cities, or traveling deeper into the beautiful Chinese countryside. What about cuisine and public transport? And how do you communicate your needs on campus or in the shops?

During this 7-week course you will learn essential language skills, must known daily communicative languages, the ins and outs about student life in China from a personal, hands-on cultural perspective. After completion of the course, you will have gained knowledge and confidence needed for a successful stay in China!

With this course you will gain:

  • A comprehensive, practical framework for understanding Chinese culture.
  • Key communication tools and language skills to communicate effectively with social subtleties and nuances of Chinese culture while living and studying in China.
  • The list of topics that you could choose to start your conversation with Chinese locals.
  • An awareness of country and culture “shock” and how to survive this.
  • Essential practice and information to improve your experience of living and studying in China.


70 Euro for 7 sessions, each session lasting 1,5 hours.

  • 10% discount for students in Limburg
  • 20% discount for Zuyd students


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