A visit from IB Zuyd

On 19 March Confucius Institute Maastricht welcomed its new visitors: First year IB Zuyd students, with second language Chinese, visited the Confucius Institute and were given a tour and introduction of the Institute.

Members of the Confucius Institute gave the future businessmen (and women) an introduction about the services Confucius Institute provides and how this can help them with their education. Business and culture examples were given to provide the IB students with an idea about their future path. Next a small tour was given to show them the entire Institute and library. The library in particular drew the attention, as afterwards we had a number of students making arrangements to use our books, which we were more than happy to help them with.
Afterwards the students had the opportunity to ask questions, both about Confucius Institute and about China. Nearly half of them were interested in an internship in China, and they wanted to know what they could expect. Another important issue was the scholarship and the level of Chinese which was required to travel to China. We were able to help them with all problems and questions.

Confucius Institute hopes to continue supporting both the IB students as well as other students from Zuyd University.